Why namely Deckol? 

Deckol offers to the condominiums a high quality facade coating. We have been working with the facade coating for 15 years by now and some of our workers have the relevant expertise in facade coating even for 18 years. Throughout the years, our company has coated about 1000 000 m2 of buildings’ facades which gives us the sufficient experience and expertise to be the leading company in the area of facade coating and heating works in Estonia. You can order a complex service from our company beginning with design and energy audit and ending up qualified work and energy certificate. The works performed by Deckol talk on behalf themselves. We do not need advertising as our works have deserved official recognition at different competitions in Estonia and among European providers every year. Deckol is the member of Estonian Union of Condominiums and of Estonian Union of House Painters. We are also recognised by several famous facade material producers who can recommend us as a reliable cooperation partner.

Why the coating of facade is necessary? 

Every condominium will face this question at the next meeting of condominium. As usually, the inhabitants do not want to understand that the coating and renovation of facade is one of the most important works aside the renovation of heating systems and will bring back the finances due to the reduced heating costs. Properly coated facade decreases our heating bills about 30-40%. In addition to abovementioned, the renovated facade gives us an opportunity to protect the wall constructions from dehumidification, deflects frost- bridges, gives new exterior to the facade, enables to straight out hogged walls and raises the market price of the apartments. As a conclusion, these investments which are spent to the coating of the facade of the condominium, pay quickly back through the upraisal of the market price of the apartments and through lower heating bills. The esthetical side does not play small role. Every single human being is pleased to live in fresh and decent condominium than in a building with old, falling apart and ugly facade.

What to do if there’s a wish and will , to renovate the facade but the finances are insufficient? 

As the Deckol is an official cooperation partner of Swedbank in the area of facade coating and -heating, we recommend you to address the question to the bank from where getting the loan is not complicated for the condominium. With the help of a loan from the bank, you may achieve your goals in due time and the repayment is not bigger than the money you might lose each year for the heating bills.