We have been building since 1998


The quality of the process is as important as the result. Comprehensive planning and timing allow us to work on optimal time and environmental costs.

Thanks to experienced and trained craftsmen, we are able to offer our customers high-quality services, security and peace of mind.

We have 50+ salaried skilled personnel.


Dozens of cooperation projects with KredEx and many award-winning facade solutions in both Estonia and abroad have made Deckol the leader in the facade market.

The more complicated the project, the more likely people are to commission work from us – be it historic buildings protected under heritage conservation or innovative new building projects.

Deckol’s warranty – when it comes to quality, once the building is completed, we will no longer have to meet.


Communicating with Deckol is like flying on a good airliner or visiting a top restaurant. The service is good, the clients’ wishes come first. I do not know of any other such company in Estonia. The quality is super and so far, there are no setbacks. Minor mistakes get fixed faster than you can dream.

Property development, Joel Ostrat

Three important points that guarantee commercial success for projects developed by Deckol:

a) Definitely Deckol’s reputation,

b) customer focus – they try to meet their client’s’ needs as much as possible and find the best solutions in cooperation with the constructor.

c) Deckol involves the real estate agency already in the design phase – we know what the customer’s expectations are at the given moment in terms of design, space, etc. Over the years, a group of regular clients has emerged who want to be the first to get information about Deckol’s developments.

Uusmaa real estate broker, Mati Savisikk

Honest and straightforward men. They do what they promise and do it well!

Straightforward men, Mati

Complete renovation of the house: replacement of floors, renovation of bathrooms, new kitchen, new walls, new windows, paperhanging, painting of walls, etc. The communication was very smooth and the quality met our high expectations. Particularly good work was done by 3-4 guys (Madis et al.). Sensible foreman.

Complete renovation of the home, Ines

We first encountered Deckol Construction in 2002 when we renovated Hotel Tartu. They did the insulation and painting work of the exterior facade. We can no longer remember who exactly recommended them. However, I can say that we are happy with their work. Today, the facade of Hotel Tartu has lasted for about 15 years and no special signs of wear and tear are apparent, we have only updated the facade color during this period. On our behalf, Deckol also insulated the apartment building located at Ilmatsalu 36 in 2003 and painted the facade of the building at Veski 36. We were also satisfied with the work on these objects. Reliable and good builders in every way.

Hotel Tartu, Aare Käära

Deckol is one of the few construction companies, who left a positive impression. The results have been as expected, as opposed to the usual, when the companies promise everything under the sun, and afterwards one cannot help but be surprised by what they said. Professional. P.S. I rarely praise something when I’m happy with it. Typical Estonian stuff.

Typical Estonian stuff, Tanel

Deckol’s team always works in one accord and in an accommodating manner. All employees know what their task is and give their best to ensure that the results will be great.

Contriber Real Estate, Marti Nurmine

I have not seen such a diligent, fast and efficient team for a long time. The work goes on from early morning hours to evening. Superb work! Praise be to the company, awards and recognition to the men!

Pikk 52, apartment association renovation, Ivi Umbleja

It is pleasant to collaborate with a company which values, in particular, complying with the deadlines, and the contracting authority has access to experts in the field who are available throughout the duration of the project. It was also positive that the constructor recommended materials, i.e., how to save costs while maintaining the best possible solutions. Thank you, Deckol’s construction team for our new and awesome Tartu office!

Pipedrive OÜ, Age Alliksaar

Why choose Deckol for the renovation work?

Our company has finished 1 000 000 m2 of facades over the years.
Such a volume provides sufficient experience to be the leading Estonian company when it comes to renovating and insulating facades.